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Our Story

Wellness is our priority

We have been helping people in Utah for almost 10 years to live more fulfilling lives. Starting in Provo, we now have wellness clinics across Utah from Logan to St. George. We were offering teletherapy before it became popular.​


Our unique feature is our large number of marriage and family therapists (MFT's), who are trained to consider relationships and systems that individuals are part of, both internally and externally. MFT's are the only therapists who are required to have training in working with couples and families.​


We provide various therapy approaches, recognizing the complexity of human beings. For more information, click here.


About Us

Wellness is our priority

We're glad you've found us and are working towards growth, development, and healing. At Whole Person Counseling, we focus on all aspects of your well-being, including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social health. We work with you to achieve your goals, using your unique strengths and providing therapeutic skills, tools, insights, and interventions to support your mental health.


Proven Approach

We been around for years helping people heal a wide range of problems such as anxiety, depression, scrupulosity, and more.

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Monday - Saturday: 7am-9pm


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