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1 / Individual Therapy

We believe it's crucial to listen and empathize with you. Our individual therapists will not only support you but also encourage personal growth and healing by sometimes challenging you.

50 mins

2 / Couples Therapy

Our Marriage and Family Therapists are trained to help couples improve their relationships. They work collaboratively with you towards your goals, without taking sides. This format is the best way to work on your relationship with your significant other.

50 mins

3 / Family Therapy

Our specialty is working with families where the youngest member is capable of "talk therapy," typically aged 12 or older. We may make exceptions for younger family members. We encourage all family members to attend, and we may request different familial constellations to attend at various times, such as parents, youngest siblings, symptom bearers, and parent(s).

Learn More About Your Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges. 

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