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Self Pay

Individual, couples therapy, and family therapy rates are $140 a session. All payment is done online and processed automatic following your session. We do not offer a sliding scale payment. Late cancel and no show fees apply.

Bishop or 3rd party payment

We accept payment from other parties such as "bishop pay" or payment from a family member. We require a release of information for whomever will be paying for services. This release is required from each person attending therapy. You will ultimately be responsible for payment should your 3rd party not pay. 


Some of our therapists are paneled or affiliated with someone paneled with various insurance companies. Not all diagnoses are covered and you are ultimately responsible for your bill. You should check with your insurance provider prior to your appointment to determine what will be your responsibility and what possible diagnoses are covered. We have therapists that are paneled with DMBA, EMI, BCBS, and Select Health. We do not bill when we are out-of-network, but are happy to provide the requisite information for you to do so.​

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