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Katrina Nelson


Katrina is a compassionate Marriage and Family Therapist who values providing a safe, validating, and caring therapeutic environment for her clients. She believes that healing starts with feeling heard and understood, and she works at a comfortable pace with her clients while gently guiding them towards change. Katrina recognizes that we all have reasons for our actions, even if we don't understand them yet, and that discovering these reasons can lead to greater self-compassion and the ability to find new ways of being. She is passionate about addressing the whole person, including internal, relational, physical, and spiritual aspects, and is constantly learning more about healing and resilience to better serve her clients.

Katrina is Marriage and Family Therapist, a wife, mom of 3, nature lover, and general creative aspirer. She sees all clients via teletherapy and looks forward to meeting you!

She is currently providing therapy exclusively through teletherapy and looks forward to working with you.

Katrina Nelson
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