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Shay Martin


My name is Shay Martin, I am a licensed associated marriage and family therapist (LAMFT) with my Masters in Couple's & Family Therapy from Utah Valley University.

I work with couples, adults, and families to navigate the deep and (potentially) scary learning that happens in therapy. My therapy room is full of acceptance and understanding. I have a particular passion for working with infidelity/betrayal trauma, couple relationships distress, grief, anxiety, and life transitions.

As a person I deeply value genuineness, I will show up as my authentic self in session, and hope that you will do the same. In therapy, I integrate Emotionally Focused Therapy (feelings), Internal Family Systems (inner child/parts work), Narrative Therapy (the story you tell yourself), and Solution Focus (goal focus). I am also certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, a trauma focused intervention (similar to EMDR but with visualization).

In session, your feelings may be raw, but finding that place inside you that can handle them will feel refreshing. You will be taught the skills to navigate the hard in life, because it’s reality that you can’t have a therapist with you at all times (would be nice though). I will work alongside you to create a new path in your life, your circumstances, and yourself. This path will empower you.

Shay Martin
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